Start using EkstraPoint

At EkstraPoint you have lots of possibilities. With this guide, we help you get started with your membership.

ExtraPoint is a bonus club where you earn points when you play casino and bingo at our partner sites or participate in competitions, perform tasks and much more. You can use the points in our EkstraPoint shop, where there is always free shipping on all products.

This is how you earn Ekstrapoints by playing casino and bingo

You get EkstraPoints every time you deposit money into your casino or bingo account from one of our partners, and every time you play our games.

Please be aware that we retrieve the information from our partners, so it may take up to 24 hours to get your points.

When you deposit money into your account of one of our partner sites, you can collect your ExtraPoints on the front page of by clicking on the task card with the text "Collect".

When you start playing for the money you have deposited, you will start earning EkstraPoints as you play your deposit. Your EkstraPoints can be collected in the same way.

Before we can register your deposit and activity in order to give you your ExtraPoints, you will need to link your account with your EkstraPoint membership. To do this, select the task card for the casino you want to connect to and click on "Connect."

This is how you participate i our competitions where you win Ekstrapoint and cash prizes

We always have plenty of competitions at EkstraPoint - and it is completely free to take part.

You can see all of the competitions on the competitions page, where you also see which prizes you can win.

If the prize is Ekstrapoints, they will be directly deposited to your account when the competition is over.

You can always see your ranking in a current contest on the individual competition page, where you also find game rules and other information about each competition.

This is how you play «Juicy Jackpot»

Our big weekly competition is called Juicy Jackpot, and here we play for 1 Million EkstraPoints each week.

Every day you get 1,500 credits to play on the slot machine. And every day you will be awarded a ranking according to the place you finished (1st place gets 100 points, 2nd place gets 75 points, etc.).

Every day, your ranking points are added to the points from the day before, and the winner is the one who obtains the most point after one week.

The first prize 250,000 ExtraPoint. The second prize is 100,000 Extra points, etc. You can see all the prizes in "Juicy Jackpot"

Weekly standings The competition is ending in:
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